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Consew 146RB Single-Needle, Walking-Foot Zigzag Machine


Consew 146RB is a single-needle, walking foot zig-zag machine with a horizontal axis transverse rotary hook, large bobbin, wide zig-zag and reverse feed. Features: Large bobbin and horizontal axis transverse rotary hook Wide Zig-Zag Upper feed mechanism helps avoid slippage when sewing Reverse stitching Specifications: Max Speed (S.P.M.) – 2500 (depends on thread, material and operation) Clearance Under Foot – 25/64 (10 mm) Needle Bar Stroke – 1 11/32 (34 mm) Stitch Length, Max. – 5 s.p.i. (5 mm) Needle – 135 x 17 Bobbin Metal – 212O34-312 Bobbin Pre-wound – M Hook – B79 Work Space – 10″ (255 mm) Bed Size – 7″ x 18 7/8″ (178 x 480 mm) Zig-Zag Max Width – 3/8″ (9.5 mm) Applications: Stitch -1A: – For sewing medium to heavy weight fabrics that are difficult to feed when sewn. – For such materials and products as wet suits, shoes, boots, leather, tarpaulins. Stitch -2A: – For sewing elastic and other stretch materials – For stitching such products as boat and truck covers, tents, awnings, sails, parachutes, tarpaulins and similar products – Used on such materials as canvas, nylon, vinyl, leather, synthetics and similar materials. – Especially desirable where reinforced stitch is necessary. Stitch -3A: – Performs similar operations as Model 146RB-2A with the added advantage of making an additional stitch for extra reinforcement. Wet suit version available for sewing neoprene rubber. Please contact us for details This Package includes a Fully Assembled Table and a Clutch Motor.

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