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JACK JK-T1906B Programmable Shape Tacking Machine – CNC Pattern Sewing Machine – Electronic Tacker

  • The finest control panel and programmer in the business
  • The smoothest sewing operation – with an integrated stepping foot, even on tough materials like leather and multi-layered webbing
  • Quality electronics with German stepping motors. Zehr gut, naturlich!
  • 60mm x 40mm – 2.4″ X Axis by 1.6″ Y Axis Sewing Field (perfect for 2″ webbing)
  • Includes a 60mm x 40mm box clamp AND regular tacking clamp for sewing bar tacks
  • 100 Patterns pre-loaded into the memory with visual presentation of each
  • Easy touch-screen scaling of patterns
  • Easy touch-screen creation of new patterns
  • Easy touch-screen control of sewing speed – both pre-set and on the fly
  • Custom clamping fabrication and programming available per request
  • Ultimately, this is the best value for a medium-sized patterns sewing machine you can find. Contact us at 1-800-228-0001 to order yours today or to request additional information.

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